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Pergamano Pencil

There are three main types of pencil used in parchment craft today. These include wax pencils, oil pencils and watercolour pencils. Wax coloured pencils can be used for shading and layering colours onto your piece of work. Shading pens and tools are available to assist with the shading and blending of colours.

Oil based pencils are similar to oil pastels. Generally when laying and blending the principles are the same. However, in order to layer and blend your colours you may require  a solvent based rubbing solution. The solution is usually applied with a cotton swab and this helps to break down oil based colour making ti easier to blend.

Watercolour pencils can be used for dry blending or delicate washes. It is never advisable to apply water directly to a pencil but by using a wet brush to disolve the rich colour pigments a unique and fluid finish can be achieved.